5 Reasons to Pitch Influencer Marketing to Your Clients


As a marketing agency, you’ll no doubt be constantly on the lookout for ways to maximise your client’s ROIs. We assume. And, since influencer marketing has proven itself to be one of the most effective marketing strategies of recent times, it might be pertinent to give it a go…

Yes, influencer marketing can seem dauntingly mysterious, or even frustratingly vague at first glance, but any good agency knows that staying abreast of the latest marketing trends and fluctuations is exactly your hustle. So why will influencer marketing get you the results you need for your client? Read on!

1. Influencer marketing is rocking 11 times the ROIs of traditional digital marketing

A study conducted by TapInfluence last year found that influencer marketing generates, on average, 11 times the ROIs of other digital marketing efforts. This is owing to customer buying habits changing drastically over the last few years, but is an incredibly powerful statistic that all brands should be taking notice of by now.

2. Customers are sick of being advertised to

It’s been proven time and time again that traditional advertising and product placements are becoming more and more obsolete, and customers are placing less and less trust in brands promoting their own products. With 92% of consumers reportedly following recommendations from individuals they trust rather than from brands themselves, and with social media word-of-mouth a truly unstoppable force, if your clients are thinking that their trusted marketing efforts will see them through 2017, they’re sorely mistaken.

Encouraging your clients into using influencers to reach honed and engaged audiences need not be so difficult armed with the above information. Influencers are thriving because they are (whether rightly or wrongly) viewed as ‘real people’ by consumers, people whose recommendations they can trust and whose voices they can listen to. Teaming up with an influencer to get your client in front of an audience already primed to engage is a powerfully tempting prospect indeed.

3. Customers are busily blocking ads

Ad blocker usage increased by 30% in 2016. The reasons for this are multiple, but teamed with Google’s recent Fred and Panda updates which penalise sites cluttered with display ads and bad user experience, digital marketing methods that were once popular have since fallen by the wayside.

Influencers are the perfect way to circumvent this. Because they act as ambassadors for and work with brands, their recommendations are not largely seen as adverts. They can put your client in front of audiences in a much more authentic and worthwhile way than a thousand banner ads ever could.

4. Everyone else is doing it

As much as following the crowd is not always the best way to conduct yourself when it comes to brand promotion, it is an undeniable fact that countless companies are enjoying great influencer marketing success, and are busily getting their brand seen by audiences that will buy into it. As we all know, nothing stands still in the world of marketing and if you’re being overtaken by your competitors, you’re moving backwards.

5 It does wonders for brand reputation

In an age when a brand’s image is far more relevant than the product it sells, influencers are even more vital than ever before. Being associated with the influential figure they trust, engage with and follow means that a brand is infinitely more attractive to its potential pool of customers. Brands working with influencers are perceived as more contemporary, relevant, approachable and desirable – who wouldn’t want that for their client?