CI Success Story: Bookatable UK


Here at CI, we sometimes find ourselves getting so preoccupied thinking about the next big thing in influencer marketing, that we forget to celebrate the incredible things it has already done. To remedy this, we will be regularly looking at some of the recent brand-influencer collaborations that we’ve helped facilitate, and how much of a success they have been.

Today’s post focuses on Sharon Harris, Head of Digital Bookatable UK, and how she is finding using CI to connect and work with influencers.

The Brand

Bookatable UK

What was Bookatable hoping to get out of working with influencers?

To promote the Star Deals that they offer for a wealth of top London restaurants, Bookatable often send food bloggers and foodie social influencers to try the set menus for free, in return for a review of their experience. This not only gets the word out amongst the foodie communities about the restaurants and deals, it brings Bookatable further exposure through blogger affiliation.

How did CI help?

Whereas before setting up the restaurant reviews involved much back-and-forth emailing, and a lot of time taken up identifying and approaching influencers that were not always available, CI allows Bookatable to be approached by influencers and select from them.

Sharon said “Being able to upload exactly what we are after from the start reduces the risk of misunderstandings and constant email clarification, plus it means that we can be sure the bloggers that approach us for reviews are keen to take part and understand what’s expected of them. Simply put, CI saves us a lot of time, and makes payment much easier too.”

Did the campaign(s) have the desired results?

These are some of the outcomes that Sharon confirmed reviews conducted through CI have had:

“The reviews have increased awareness of the Star Deals and what they entail, leading to increases in bookings too.”, “Bloggers talking about Bookatable spreads the word and gives our brand reputation a boost as well.”

A final word from Sharon:

“CI is incredibly simply and straightforward to use, and considering it is so new, the platform is already very sophisticated with a range of very highly regarded influencers using it. We will definitely continue to conduct our restaurant reviews through CI.”