Be My Influencer? Find Your Perfect Match this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is upon us once again, and to celebrate the candy-striped, sugar-coated festival of hearts and flowers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to play matchmaker. Brands and influencers, it’s time to warm up your swiping fingers and get ready for a hot date…

Perfect Match 1: The Start-Up and the Niche Macro Social Star

The overall marketing aim of a startup is to spread the word far and wide to potential customers. For maximum reach, the ideal influencer should be of the macro variety (well known and with established clout). However, as a startup will need value for invested capital more than any other kind of business, being promoted to a niche, focused audience is the best way to ensure a high conversion rate. Social media, with its attention-grabbing aesthetic and mass reach is a great platform for an influencer to promote a startup they are passionate about!

Perfect Match 2: The Growing Brand and the Niche Micro Blogger



As a brand becomes more successful, focus shifts from promoting, to customer retention, upselling and inbound marketing. Bloggers are great for inbound efforts, especially when combined with content marketing like sponsored posts and collaborations, and will naturally appeal to an audience within a certain niche. Working with one or more micro bloggers is a better way to achieve diverse inbound marketing, and should also prove more cost effective!

Perfect Match 3: The Expanding Brand and the Niche Micro Social Star


If a brand is expanding, chances are it will be attempting to become dominant, or at least a big player in its specific field. For this reason, working with one or a number of micro influencers is a great way to infiltrate an industry from a number of different angles, and social stars are primed to add credibility to brands they believe in with incredible OTSs.

Perfect Match 4: The Mature Brand and the Macro Vlogger



Mature and established brands will most often struggle with keeping ahead of the curve, and appearing relevant in a sea of newer, hipper, up-and-coming young guns. This is where influencers come in – macro ones will have the perceived level of credibility to be matched with a well-known brand. As one of the most exciting and dynamic forms of content of the moment, and one that is set to become all but completely dominant within the next few years, visually based influencers are great for breathing new life into a long-standing brand.


Still searching for your perfect match? Don’t worry – there’s plenty more influencers in the sea!