How content marketing can drive sales


Be a Trusted Source to Users

Being a business that customers trust enough to buy from has never been more important. With so many competitors in every sector and the multiple distractions that can cause consumers to wander around the internet, trust development is becoming more and more crucial. As some demographics have moved away from trusting traditional, non-digital adverts and instead look at areas like customer reviews, other audiences take the opposite approach. Marketers sometimes feel like that all-important trust is impossible to gain. If you want your business to see growth, then developing high levels of trust in your brand is now no longer something minor to approach. Instead, it can be the defining factor of your growing business.

The Importance of Trust in the B2C Relationship

No matter how affluent your target demographic, money is always going to be a factor that will influence whether a customer buys from you or not. That means that you have to make every interaction count. A consumer will quickly lose trust in your business if you do not offer the expected level of support. That includes both before and after their journey through the buying cycle. Consumers place a lot of value on trust, and they will only buy from those businesses that have taken the time to build the right level of that trust.

Content Distribution Can Reach Potential Customers

If there is one tool at your disposal that can have a dramatic impact on your trust levels, it’s your content. Everything from your website blog posts to your social media updates should all be designed and created with both establishing trust and prompting the next steps along the customer journey to a purchase in mind. Content marketing is a ‘show, don’t tell’ strategy when it comes to establishing trust. Provide the right content at the right time to the right customer, and you will not only be providing value but creating a strong foundation of trust that will go a long way to boosting brand loyalty. Content should:

  • Solve problems
  • Prove your experience and expertise about your product or sector
  • Humanise your brand

To achieve this, you need to create the right content. As well as designing your content around the results you have gained from your in-depth customer research, you will also need to prioritise:

  • Putting the customer first (don’t try and sell at every available opportunity)
  • Creating the unique content your audience needs, with your distinctive brand tone of voice
  • Always staying ahead of industry and consumer trends
  • Staying authentic and not trying too hard to relate to your audience
  • A focus on transparency

Influencer Marketing and Building Trust

As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing strategies, influencers are becoming a must-have for brands. They are a vital tool that can have a dramatic effect on your authenticity. When you align your brand with the right influencers, you not only gain some high-value insights into your core audience but you also benefit from higher levels of trust. Influencers that engage with their own audiences simply add to your trust levels. The right influencer can help to humanise your company, and with the right influencer strategy, you can simply add another channel to your marketing, providing value wherever it is needed.

The Importance of Authority

Having webpages that have authority is a challenge but it is vital for your SEO strategy. Google, in particular, puts a lot of value on authority, so it is something that will always need to be considered when you are developing a marketing strategy. Remember that it takes time for a business to move from a lack of authority to respectable authority. As with most digital marketing strategies, brand authority is something that needs to be worked on continuously if you want to see results. Trust and authority go hand in hand, so your growth strategy needs to address both.

Being a trusted brand is not something that you will be able to achieve overnight. Take your time to develop a plan that will start to build both authority and trust, and your business will only grow stronger as a result.