How to Pitch Influencer Marketing to Your Boss


You’d be hard pushed to find a marketing professional these days that is not even a little bit sold on influencer marketing as a hugely worthwhile exercise. Further up the managerial chain however, it can be somewhat of a different story…

Successfully pitching influencer marketing and its proven results to those that have the power to ok it is a tough task. You may have your finger on the pulse and your head in the game of working with influencers, but communicating that to those who don’t spend their time witnessing competitors streak ahead, fuelled by the power of influence day after day takes planning, cunning and skill.

So how should it be done?

As with any attempt at the art of persuasion, this task is best approached using a ‘pre-empt and counter’ method. That is to say, anticipate the possible arguments and blockages you may encounter, and plan out how to tackle them. We’ve had a go at doing so below, mapping out the potential concerns and criticisms you might be faced with on attempting to pitch influencer marketing to your boss…

‘Influencer marketing is just a fad!’

Admittedly, influencer marketing does have all the hallmarks of your proverbial flash-in-the-pan – it seemingly came out of nowhere, it’s radically different to its predecessors and it is largely powered by very of-the-now technology, most notably, social media. One can feasibly understand how to the untrained eye, it doesn’t seem to have much longevity.

Tackling this blockage:

  • The headline argument to counter this, is simply that influencer marketing is riding the crest of a huge shift in consumer habits. Simply put, people are tired of being advertised to, and are now listening to voices they trust to inform their purchasing decisions.
  • To impress this point properly, you might need to whip out a few facts. For example, ‘86% of women turn to social media before making a purchasing decision’. Or how about ‘92% of people trust recommendations from individuals over brands.’ There are literally endless similar facts and stats to back up your point – just pick the ones that you feel work for your brand.
  • Hopefully this should demonstrate that influencer marketing is simply not going anywhere, and is a logical alteration of marketing methods, reacting to a larger change in consumer habits.

‘It’s impossible to measure the ROIs of influencer marketing!’

Influencer marketing is notoriously hard to quantify and to deem as a success or failure. This is because it has its roots firmly in brand reputation and affinity rather than cold, hard numerical results, and understandably, that can put some people off.

Tackling this blockage:

  • First of all, it is important to clarify exactly what the ROIs of any influencer marketing endeavour are. These need to be specific, achievable, and within scope. Here’s a whole load of useful info about identifying your ROIs when working with an influencer that you may want to arm yourself with.
  • Measuring ROIs with influencer marketing is tricky, we’d never pretend otherwise, but it IS very doable. The ROIs from influencer marketing may be slightly different to those of normal marketing endeavours, but they can also be better, and more holistic.
  • Influencer marketing, for example, can give brand reputation a boost in a way that no other method can, and more importantly, can put your brand (and products) in front of an engaged audience likely to buy into it.

‘We already have a marketing strategy – how will influencers work alongside it?’

As a somewhat different approach to marketing itself, influencer marketing can seem quite tricky to work in alongside any existing endeavours. However, with a bit of forward planning it actually blends really nicely with more traditional marketing methods, adding to and augmenting them.

Tackling this blockage:

  • Influencer marketing can act as a really great companion to both PR and social media strategy, lending influential voices to existing efforts.
  • Suggesting an influencer integrated solution rather than a complete replacement of existing marketing methods is a great way to ease those reluctant few into the idea, positioning it as an added bonus marketing feature rather than a complete overhaul entirely.
  • Here’s loads more ideas on integrating influencers into pre-existing marketing plans should you need them.

Don’t get us wrong, pitching influencer marketing to your boss is never going to be easy if they are already pre-programmed to be resistant to it. But with a bit of skillful persuasion and some impressive stats up your sleeve, it can definitely be done!