Linking out from your posts. New link attribute advice from Google

CI Blog

Yesterday, the 10th of September, Google shared a new rel link attribute update. The idea of this is to help them identify the type and relationship of links in their ‘link graph’.

You may ask, “why should I care?”.

And, day to day it won’t matter too much in terms of publishing quality content and doing your daily business.

However, this announcement will cause a lot of noise, it may affect how you collaborate with brands (and what they may ask you for!), and therefore be another topic to add confusing to the myriad of advice on SEO and Google rankings.

The announcement read:

This will generate many questions, including:

Q. Will I have to update my existing nofollow links to sponsored content?

Q. Will I get penalised if I don’t do this?

Q. I use WordPress (other CMS’s are available), how do I do it?

Q. Will I be asked for this in collaborations and what should I do?

For now, don’t worry. In the future we will publish some guidance and how-tos.

P.S. If you want to see noise and the turning-tide on Google. See the reaction to this from the SEO community!