Success Story: Leftover Currency


Here at CI, we sometimes find ourselves getting so preoccupied thinking about the next big thing in influencer marketing, that we forget to celebrate the incredible things it has already done. To remedy this, we will be regularly looking at some of the recent brand-influencer collaborations that we’ve helped facilitate, and how much of a success they have been.

Today’s post focuses on Mario van Poppel, founder of, an online currency exchange service, and how he found his first experience of using CI.

The Brand

Leftover Currency

What was the brand hoping to get out of working with influencers?

To raise awareness of the company’s recent rebrand and website overhaul, and promote the services that Leftover Currency provides, to an audience of engaged, potential customers (i.e. frequent and/or recent travellers).

How did CI help?

The Leftover Currency team elected to use a ‘sponsored post’ strategy to collaborate with influencers. In order to reach an audience that would engage with a currency exchange brand, the desired influencers were well-known travel bloggers whose followers are (accordingly) frequent travellers and likely to have leftover currency themselves. The brief uploaded to CI called for travel bloggers to create a personal post about having residual cash that was refused at a bureau de change, and leading readers to the newly rebranded Leftover Currency site.

Within two days of posting, over 20 influencers had applied to work on the campaign with Leftover Currency. Due to the nature of the application system, all of the influencers that put themselves forward already had a vested interest in and/or experience of the concept of currency exchange, thus being able to create authentic and engaging blog posts around the subject matter, that their audiences would naturally want to read.

The collaborative posts from 13 selected influencers were written, approved by Leftover Currency and live less than a week after the brief was posted.

Did the campaign have the desired results?

Mario confirmed that the collaborative posts created by influencers had the following outcomes:

“The campaign improved our link profile. We know that this will have an effect on the search engine rankings, which in turn will boost our visits. We have seen a gradual increase in visits and we are currently 10% ahead of last month, excluding seasonality.”

“Some of the influencers we worked with have a large presence on social media. The tweets about our article got retweeted extensively and traffic surged as a result.”

A final word from Mario:

“Considerable Influence was quick and simple to use. It is a great way for me to find and work with the right influencers without having to hire an agency. My first campaign exceeded my expectations, and I have already set my second one live!”