CI Success Story: SESOME Agency


Here at CI, we sometimes find ourselves getting so preoccupied thinking about the next big thing in influencer marketing, that we forget to celebrate the incredible things it has already done. To remedy this, we will be regularly looking at some of the recent brand-influencer collaborations that we’ve helped facilitate, and how much of a success they have been.

Today’s post focuses on Genevieve Riddle, Account Manager at SESOME digital marketing agency, and how she feels about using CI for many influencer collaborations with her clients.

The Agency


What were the agency and its clients hoping to get out of working with influencers?

SESOME handles a number of clients, and works with them to improve brand awareness, searchability and ranking through a number of creative marketing endeavours. Working with influencers is a hugely effective way to achieve this, through collaborative projects and brand partnerships, and so Genevieve started using CI as an easy way to find the right influencers to act as ambassadors of her clients, and to talk about them to the right audiences.

How did CI help?

SESOME is a regular user of CI – Genevieve uploads and manages campaigns every week for various different clients. The campaigns are usually based around collaborative pieces, whereby influencers create their own content based on a subject commissioned by the clients, but SESOME also occasionally uses CI to find influencers to work on social-first campaigns.

Genevieve said “Being able to write a detailed campaign brief makes the process of approaching influencers so much easier. What’s really great about CI is that we already know the influencers that apply to the campaigns are ready to work on them and feel they are right for their audience. We don’t have to second-guess which influencers will be the best to create content about certain projects anymore, which removes a lot of grunt work! I use CI regularly because it is the easiest way to meet our clients’ influencer marketing objectives.”

Did the campaign have the desired results?

These are just some of the outcomes that Genevieve confirmed campaigns created through CI have had for her clients:
“Our clients have all reported increased engagement and page visits as direct consequences of the work they’ve collaborated with influencers on.”
“We constantly hear how instrumental influencers are in furthering social engagement and reach of content from the clients we commission work for.”

A final word from Genevieve:

“CI is so easy to use, so quick and has been such a helpful addition to our influencer marketing programme. I will definitely continue to use it, and can’t wait to see it grow and more influencers joining!”