What are the Pros of Influencer Marketing?


…and the Cons of Traditional Marketing Methods?

Influencer marketing is a business buzzword, with many brands expanding their reach and knocking on the doors of many influencers in the hopes of striking up a mutually beneficial partnership. Brands want to reach out to their customers in the most innovative way possible, and while influencer marketing is a well-known strategy, not all businesses have included this marketing method into their marketing campaigns.

There are many pros of influencer marketing, so many, in fact, that it’s proving more profitable than traditional marketing methods. If you are yet to work influencer marketing into your marketing campaigns, listed below are the pros (along with the cons of traditional marketing methods).

The pros of influencer marketing:

There are many pros, but the most prevalent are:

Influencer marketing helps you reach a relevant audience

By collaborating with the right influencer, your brand can reach your target audience quickly and easily. Before selecting your influencer, you need to ensure that they are relevant to your niche and industry – do this by researching their blogs and media channels.

You may find an influencer who already works with competitors. You can approach and offer the influencer a deal that stops them from working with your competitors. By doing this, you are gaining the support of the influencer’s followers who trust their recommendations.

Influencer marketing can be less expensive

You don’t need a massive budget when it comes to influencer marketing. Of course, big names like PewDiePie and Markiplier will be costly, but investing in micro-influencers is an economical way to expand your brand’s reach. There are some new-to-the-industry influencers who may also agree to work for free products or services.

Influencer marketing expands your brand’s reach

A single influencer can have thousands, if not millions, of followers. Working with an influencer and having them discuss your product expands your brand’s reach exponentially. Being featured on their media channels gets you noticed, and with consumers placing their trust in influencers, you are more likely to gain leads and conversions.

Influencer marketing forges a successful sales funnel

With the help of influencers, your sales funnel can look like the following:

Awareness > Interest > Consideration > Intent > Evaluation > Purchase

Awareness and interest are created through the content they have released for your brand. Once their followers have read or watched your content, they are likely to consider the product, click-through to the brand’s website, and then, hopefully, purchase the same product.

Influencer marketing saves time for marketers

A good influencer knows the best way to create content and how to engage with their audience. They know how to develop content that’ll not only get noticed but appeals to their followers. This means your in-house marketing team doesn’t have to spend time on creating content, but rather have influencers do it for them. What’s more, influencer-created content is much more successful than brand-created content.

Influencer marketing beats advertising blindness

Banner ads were once a popular tool amongst marketers, but nowadays, consumers are blind to such ads – and not only because they choose not to see them, but because ad blockers are activated.

Influencer marketing negates advertising blindness because your brand is placed where audiences will notice it, on the trusted blogs and channels of influencers. The content associated with influencer marketing has a narrative that looks natural.

Influencer marketing connects with audiences where they spend most of their time

Whether you love it or hate it, a lot of us spend most of our time on social media. Therefore, when an influencer mentions a brand on one of their social media platforms, the brand’s name connects with the audience and they are more likely to pay attention.


The cons of traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing is falling out of favour, here’s why:

Traditional marketing is expensive

When compared to digital marketing, traditional marketing is expensive. Every time you distribute a flyer or print out a pamphlet, you have to pay for it – and if you need to update the information, there will be additional costs. However, updating an ad online or changing content on your website is free.

Traditional marketing has a low response rate

The likes of direct mail and print advertising are seen as intrusive, but unlike influencer marketing, people do not respond because the results are immediate and the content itself is static. It is words on a page; nothing to engage with.

Influencer marketing, on the other hand, allows for posts and content to be immediately shared, liked and commented on – much more exciting!

Traditional marketing lacks authenticity

Traditional marketing methods are usually forced on the receiver, meaning people are less likely to engage with the advert and more likely to avoid your brand. As your print advertising or radio/TV advert is made for the masses, there is no personal touch to your chosen target market.

Traditional marketing is difficult to measure

You are unable to see the success of traditional marketing campaigns when compared to influencer marketing. If your influencer has a code, businesses can see how many times this has been used. This allows you to measure that influencer’s pull and success rate.

Traditional marketing lacks information

You are typically limited when it comes to traditional marketing. Flyers and posters have limited space, TV adverts are limited in time, and banner ads are limited in views (with thanks to ad blockers).

Influencer marketing uses content that doesn’t have such limitations. YouTube videos and blog posts are not confined by a certain amount of words or minutes; they can go into much more detail about your brand, and by doing so, your brand comes across more naturally.

Final thought

If the above has helped you realise the importance of influencer marketing, Considerable Influence helps bring together influencers and brands so that they can effectively work together. Whether you are an influencer or agency or brand, our platform was created to help you out and force mutually beneficial partnerships.

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