Why Your In-House Marketing Team Needs Influencer Marketing for Your Christmas/New Year Campaigns


Christmas and New Year is a chaotic time for everyone. People are searching for the best presents for their loved ones, while businesses are looking for ways to advertise their products and become more noticed than their competitors. The festive season means big business, which is why your in-house marketing teams need to up their game and create a Christmas/New Year campaign that’ll get you noticed.

But getting noticed is no easy task in such a busy season. How can you cut through the noise and get your brand in front of your audience?

Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing tool for your in-house marketing team to harness. Wondering why you should include influencer marketing for your Christmas/New Year campaign? Well, we’re not going to leave you hanging – the answers are below:

They create relevant content

Your brand needs to get into the spirit of Christmas if it is to be noticed. Influencers know how to engage with their followers, so having them create relevant content for your brand means you are more likely to connect with your desired target market.

Influencers know how to create content that is themed and tailored to the seasons and holidays. They can link your product/brand to Christmas, showcasing why your brand is perfect for this particular season/occasion.

Brand awareness is essential

This Christmas, the link between your brand and marketing awareness is influencers. It’s quite simple really – micro & macro influencers bring exposure and awareness in today’s saturated retail and eCommerce markets (especially around Christmas time).

Traditional advertising methods, like press releases, don’t cut it anymore. Millennials and Gen Z no longer trust or put their money in obvious selling methods or take notice of brands that are construed as ‘pushy.’

You need a trusted voice

Millennials and Gen Z are less likely to place their trust in a brand; instead, they are more likely to listen to their peers. This is ever truer around Christmas time as many brands are trying to push their brand’s message in the hopes of making more sales.

Influencers have the power to communicate your brand’s message in an organic narrative that resonates with your target market. We are more likely to listen to our favourite blogger as opposed to the ads popping up as we scroll through our social media.

Authority and influence

Believe it or not, but 84% of consumers make a purchase after reading about a product on a blog. Their authoritative tone and notoriety within their industry allow them to influence their followers – hint the name!

Great digital communication

Why do they have such a following? Well, it’s because they know how to communicate with them. Over the years, influencers have learnt the best practices when it comes to digital communication. After all, that’s how they have managed to create their digital empire! With their preexisting communication skills, they will be able to speak about your brand’s vision, why it’s needed for Christmas – and all in a way that is known for engaging with their audience.
They are creatives

It is easy for content to become saturated on the internet, so to stand out, you need influencers who are known for their creativity. Luckily, there is no shortage of creative influencers, and because it is a hat that they wear day in and day out, they know exactly how to reach their audience.

You can give your chosen influencers as much free reign as you want; however, remember that their content has been hitting the mark so far and that micro-managing them may limit their creativity.

Great value for money

In most cases, influencer collaborations generate a return on their investment when compared to traditional advertising methods. This is because the influencer already has access to your business’s target market. Working with micro-influencers usually means a more substantial ROI.

They drive traffic and convert leads

You need consumers to move through the sales funnel and engage with your brand, and with the help of influencers, they can be directed straight to your website – and hopefully, checkout.
Influencers are crucial to converting leads in the sales funnel. Think about it: a consumer sees an influencer wearing a dress, they then think about the dress, what it would look like on them… this increases the chances of them clicking through to your website, putting the dress into their basket, and buying the product.

Content is distributed

Settling on one channel won’t get you noticed, but with influencers who have followers on most social media platforms, they can distribute their content across their profiles and increase their reach and engagement rates. A successful blog post can be linked to their Facebook page but also their Twitter; what’s more, their followers are also likely to share the content with their friends, too.

You’ve got potential brand advocates

Build a relationship with influencers who show results, and you’ve got brand advocates who can help produce long-term leads and conversions. One-off campaigns are great and all, especially around Christmas, but establishing specific influencers with your brand means improved brand image and interest.

Why aren’t you working with them yet?

Christmas and the New Year is a great time to refresh your marketing campaign and add new blood. Having an influencer release a statement explaining that they have “exciting news,” can get the industry and their followers talking. That means, once they have released the news of their partnership, your brand should see a surge in activity.

Having your in-house marketing team work with influencers is incredibly beneficial. Christmas is a busy time of year, so not only do you get the above benefits, but you are also freeing your marketing team’s time as you are entrusting established influencers to oversee content creation.

The biggest benefit of working with influencers is, however, the fact that it is an organic way to raise your brand’s profile in such a saturated time of the year. There is a reason why certain influencers are popular – they know what their target market wants – so establishing a partnership with them can be beneficial not only to your brand but to them too.

So, if you are now ready – set up your free Brand / Agency account today.