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Agencies & Brands
Agencies & Brands

Amplify your brand by making sure the right people are talking about it - identifying and approaching the right influencers has never been easier.

Why Agencies & Brands use us
...why they use us

CI allows brands to upload a campaign, before hand-selecting the right influencers to work with. Negotiations and payments are completed with a secure platform.


Be found by brands who know that your influence has value. Work only with those whose values align with yours, and collaborate with them on funded campaigns.

Why Influencers use us
...why they use us

CI allows true influencers to be discovered by both established and boutique brands, and to work with them on funded campaigns, keeping 100% of the agreed fee.

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  • Brand | Mario, founder of

    Considerable Influence was quick and simple to use. It is a great way for me to find and work with the right influencers without having to hire an agency. My first campaign exceeded my expectations, and I have already set my second campaign live.

  • Agency | Genevieve, account manager at SESOME

    This is a fabulous platform and has been invaluable to our outreach processes in terms of saving time and effort. It allows us to focus our attention on the acquisition and strengthening of influencer relationships and CI is now a staple part of our process.

  • Influencer | Megan Jerrard

    Using Considerable Influence is a fantastic way to put your blog in front of brands looking for influencers for their paid campaigns. The platform is very simple, straightforward, and it's easy to find and apply for new gigs.

  • Influencer | Emma Kershaw

    The campaign descriptions go into great detail so you really get a feel for the piece of work you're applying for. The friendly team were on hand to answer any questions and were extremely helpful throughout the whole process.

  • Influencer | Jessica Valentine

    I am very pleased to be able to ignore these and instead head to a platform that is both easy to use, provides quick payments and most of all supply clients that are interested in building amazing content, not simple links.

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